We let you in on 20 off-beat things you can do on a visit to Kerala

The first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about Kerala is its magical backwaters. However, if you want to visit God’s own country and stay far away from the maddening crowd, you are better off visiting some of these delightful and mesmerizing destinations and indulging in activities that most visitors (or tourists, if you like) wouldn't think of doing. So, without much ado, here are 20 off-beat things one can do on a visit to Kerala.

 Memorable moments at Silent Valley National Park

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While most visitors head to Periyar, you should make a trip to Palakkad district nestled in the Nilgiri Hills. You will see the last of India’s tropical rainforest. And the best part is it's less commercialized. The meandering rivers of Bhavani and Kunthipuzha have made the forest a haven for wildlife and avian life. You will be at awe with the evergreen trees, the cascading waterfalls, and the hypnotic wilderness.

Climb the elusive Ponmudi

The first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about Kerala is its magical backwaters. However, if you want to visit God’s own country and stay far away from the maddening crowd, you are better off visiting some of these delightful and mesmerizing destinations and indulging in activities that most visitors (or tourists, if you like) wouldn't think of doing. So, without much ado, here are 20 off-beat things one can do on a visit to Kerala.

Relax and rejuvenate on Kuruvdweep

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Also known as Kuruva island, this river island is located in the Wayanad district, about 17 km from the town of Mananthavady. It is one of the few untouched and unspoilt river islands in the state. If you’re a nature lover, this will be your piece of heaven - the lush evergreen tropical forest, teeming with rare flora and fauna. And the added bonus is being able to cross the Kabini River on a bamboo raft, under the supervision of forest guards.

Get awed by the Thenmala dam

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Located in the Kollam district, Thenmala is home to a namesake dam that spans the Kallada river. This area around the dam has been turned into an eco-tourism spot where you can enjoy a plethora of activities including boating, biking, climbing rope bridge, mountaineering, and trekking.

Become Indiana Jones in the sandalwood forest of Marayoor

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Marayoor, also referred to as Marayur, is located in the Idukki district, about 40 kilometeres from Munnar. This region is renowned for its sandalwood forests which boasts of rock paintings dating back to the pre-historic times. It offers you a distinctive experience with its caves, flora and even a children’s park in the vicinity.

Quench your thirst with Kerala’s tender coconut

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Since coconuts form a great part of Kerala’s cuisine and culture, you can’t leave Kerala without sipping some of its delicious, sweet coconut water. We are talking about the tender coconuts that are filled with energy-giving electrolytes. In rural areas, the coconuts are as fresh as fresh can be - plucked straight from the coconut palm and opened up for you to sip the delicious water inside the kernel.

Try your hand at fishing, with Chinese fishing nets

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Kochi, the stunning coastal city of Kerala still uses Chinese fishing nets. These nets were introduced centuries ago by a Chinese ruler and have become an integral part of a fisherman’s life. It can be awe-inspiring to watch fishermen cast these huge nets into the water and haul in the catch. You can even request a fisherman to let you try casting the net and you’ll realize what a Herculean task it is!

Explore remote Kerala on a canoe

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Kerala’s countryside is spell-binding and mesmerizing. The untouched natural beauty, the quaint, hospitable villages, and the friendly villagers are something you can explore when you make an effort to reach the interiors of Kerala. The best way to get into the interiors is on a canoe. Not only is the experience amazing, it is also extremely romantic, unlike the regular boathouse experiences that Kerala is famous for.

Get a glimpse of craftsmanship at Beypore

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The small town of Beypore has a shipbuilding history of more than 1800 years! Here, master craftsmen can be seen nimbly making Arabian dhows, referred to as Uru. These dhows are then sent to the Gulf countries. As you walk through the town, you will be able to see how these amazing craftsmen build a seaworthy vessel using coconut ropes and wood. Other than steel nails, no other metal is used in the construction of these boats.

Revel in the lowest altitude region of India

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While most tourists make a beeline for Munnar, the hill resort in Kerala, you should do something out-of-the-box and head to Kuttanad, a small, quaint region that is about 2 meters below the sea level. The quaint and quirky villages, the gushing rivers and the never-ending paddy fields are a sight to behold.

Enjoy a stroll through the Jew street of Kochi

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Kochi has many enchanting landmarks dating back to the colonial times, but none are as fascinating and absorbing as the Jew street. Once upon a time, the area had a thriving Jewish community. While majority of the community has emigrated to Israel, the distinctive Jewish flavour and ambience is still omnipresent. The street has a few cafés where you can sit back and relax or you can speak to the locals and find out more about this amazing part of Kochi.

Recreate an exotic experience with Parunthumpara trek

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There many popular walking trails across Kerala. However, there are few trekking trails that are a well kept secret and one of them is the Parunthumpara trek. Located in the Idukki district, the trek takes you through amazing landscapes to reach a viewpoint called Peermade. From here, you can get awe-inspiring views of valleys, the majestic Trishanku hills, and mysterious trenches.

Enjoy a relaxing sojourn in Nelliyampathy

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Nelliyampathy, is one of the best kept secrets of Kerala. Located near Palakkad, this hill station offers an amazing view of coffee and tea plantations and enchanting trekking trails. Enjoy the mountain breeze and the rich aroma of coffee floating through the air which will wake you up and also relax your senses!

Get Away from the Madding Crowds at Kalamachal

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Kalamachal is located in Thiruvananthapuram district, along the banks of Vamanapuram River. This is another lesser known hill station of Kerala that boasts of lush greenery and tranquil ambience. It is one of the best places in Kerala to escape the hustle bustle of a crowded city and spend time in tranquil surroundings, communing with nature.

Get an Adrenaline Rush with Paragliding in Munnar

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Paragliding is a great way to get your adrenaline fix. And in Kerala, Munnar is the perfect place for it. Flying over the magnificent hills of Munnar is an exhilarating experience that you shouldn’t miss. Once you muster up courage to open your eyes, be prepared to get hypnotized by the miles and miles of green plantations.

Let Your Hair Down at Marari Beach

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Located near Alleppey, Marari Beach is one of the lesser known beaches of Kerala. It is not overcrowded with tourists. If you’re lucky, you’ll have the beach to yourself and depending on the season, you can swim or work on your suntan. Once you decide you’ve had enough of the beach, head out to the quaint and enchanting fishing village of Mararikulam. It’s a great place to find out more about the local traditions and lifestyle.

Take in the Rich Biodiversity Near Athirapally Waterfalls

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There is no dearth of mesmerizing waterfalls in Kerala, but there are some that time forgot and so did the tourists. Athirapally is one such waterfall. It is located near Kochi, in the Sholayar region within the Athirapally Forest. A trek to the waterfalls is an amazing opportunity to catch a glimpse of rare and exotic wildlife, such as Cochin Forest Cane Turtle, the Great Indian Hornbill, and the Lion-Tailed Macaque.

Absorb the Rural Way of Life at Thekkekadu

In the northern most shores of Kerala lies Thekkekadu. This is a private island in the virgin backwaters and offers you a close glimpse of true Kerala – sleepy fishing villages, swaying palms, mist floating through the air and eagles soaring high in the sky. Unlike the conventional backwaters of Kerala, this is not riddled with boathouses or tourists.

Marvel Man’s Engineering Skills at Idukki Dam

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Standing majestically across the Periyar River is the stunning Idukki Dam. It is the tallest dam in Asia and also holds the distinction of having the highest dam arch in Asia. Constructed between two hills, Idukki Dam also has a hydroelectric power station. The sight of the dam regally spanning the river can be a humbling experience.

Absorb the Picturesque Views of Vazhachal Falls

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There is a secret that most locals of Thrissur district will not divulge to tourists. It is the mesmerizing and beautiful Vazhachal Falls. It is about 90 km from the city of Cochin and is not well known. The cascade gets its waters from the rivers criss-crossing Chalakuddy. The droplets of water splashing from the waterfall catch the sunlight and form myriad rainbows, enough to keep you hypnotized with the sight. Be sure to wake up from your trance and take in the picturesque views around the waterfall.

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